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A short note before we begin. This is a World of Warcraft RP blog and it’s mostly IC. There may be occasional OOC notes, which will be clearly marked as such, but the main text will be mainly in-character. Comments are a free-for-all, but again, IC-vs-OOC will be clear. Want your character to leave nasty messages for Rutherford (the character, nasty messages for me are something else)? Go ahead. Want to pick holes in the writing or the story? Doooo eeeeet.

That’s that sorted. What’s this about? This is the journal of my newest RP character, a recently-reborn Forsaken ‘warlock’ (cough, cough, allegedly) who calls himself Rutherford. He has a first name, which he only shares with friends – and he has no friends. These are his adventures in the world of Azeroth. The timeline is going to be fairly compressed, since he’s zipping through the levels like no tomorrow. Fortunately, he doesn’t date his journal entries. The character has history, since he’s a reroll of an old RP character with a few tweaks to the concept, but I’ll keep that where it belongs – in the background (ba-dum-tssh).

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